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A pair of glasses, a unique and useful gift for Christmas

  • by: iacopoweb
  • 7 May 2018

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A useful gift for Christmas

Are you looking for a useful gift for Christmas?

Why not give a pair of glasses? It could be a useful and very original thought. Usually buying a pair of prescription glasses is traditionally very expensive, but buying this type of product online on the MarkEyewear site means the cost is very low. In fact, the MarkEyewear philosophy is to create handmade glasses in Italy, complete with lenses of one’s prescription, at a price that is accessible to anyone. To obtain personal prescription lenses, one needs only to upload one’s prescription provided by the optician at the last eye checkup. Our opticians will fit the prescription lenses and choose the best brands present on the market. In a few days they will be delivered to the receiver’s address at no cost, and if, for any reason, the glasses are not correct, you can return them at no cost.

But what if you want to try the glasses?

MarkEyewear has thought about this too. In fact, it is the first eyewear website in Italy that allows its customers to comfortably try on at home up to five pairs of frames for a week. All five are inside a box that will be delivered to your home at no cost.

We will suggest some of the most recently best-selling glasses, hoping that this will help you choose the perfect gift:


Logan Gold + Pink Lens

Woody Black + Blue Gradient Lenses

Thea Lilla Transparent


Casey Gold (Havana Rim) + Mirrored Blue Lenses

Dark Havana Clark + Mirrored Gold Lenses

Peter Havana Dark Opaque

It’s all very simple and intuitive. All you need to do is try them… Not long until Christmas