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MyLennons by Paola Maugeri for MarkEyewear: a style with fashion and history

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MyLennons: new trendy round glasses that look at the past.

The leader of the Beatles was many things: composer, generation reference, provocateur.
For many, and in his own way, he was also a fashion icon, above all by something in particular that today is immediately associated with his name: the round-shaped glasses.
With that particular frame in mind, MarkEyewear began a collaboration with the radio host and writer, Paola Maugeri, that led to the creation of a special model of glasses: MyLennons.
A very popular journalist, a reference for many women who appreciate her style and personality, Paola Maugeri, thanks to her knowledge of rock music and all that revolves around it in terms of style and accessories, conceived and designed MyLennons, well aware that they would light up the enthusiasm of many.
A fundamental accessory in completing one’s look, capable of imprinting personality and consolidating charisma and distinctive features of the wearer.
A re-adaptation that gives new life to the style of the Sixties, with an extra touch of fashion that updates it to the style of our days.
MyLennons recuperates and re-styles the classic shapes of lenses made famous by many celebrities.
The frame is made by expert and skilled Italian artisans, who created a simple but attractive design: the horizontal bridge is eliminated and a flexible steel arch is used, which adapts to every type of fit.
The soft colors of the lenses and the classic browning of the frame, give MyLennons eyewear a particular, casual touch, which at the same time, is magic and elegant, a balance between fashion and hippy.

As already documented by Grazia, we at MarkEyewear have prepared the online sale of MyLennons beginning today, May 25th.
All orders placed before June 8th can also benefit from a small gift: the sheath contained in the package will be autographed by Paola Maugeri.
Round glasses are the trend of the 2018 Summer; so MyLennons allows one to keep up with the fashion of the moment, while recalling a definitely vintage taste.