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Limited edition

“Woodstock represents the one of the major moments in the history of music, where the most beautiful human feelings merged with the tunes creating a perfect mixture of Love, Sense of freedom and Desire for a better world! Hundreds of thousands of human beings side by side to celebrate the great transformative power of music.
The colours of those days are engraved in the memory and that is why, fifty years later, they remain intact in the collective imagination. Colours that are warm, saturated, intense, psychedelic from which I drew inspiration for the new Mylennons Woodstock Limited Edition.
Wearing them will allow us to catch unexpected shades of life around us!” Paola Maugeri

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Deep blue





My Lennon’s sunglasses with the most famous quotes about Peace pronounced by the working class hero par excellence to remind us that Peace should be invoked every day and not just at Christmas

Light Green



Dark Green


Amazing news: My Lennon’s glasses are available!


Light Green


Dark Green


My Lennon’s

MyLennons is an eyewear that comes from an idea of ​​the deejay, musical expert, writer and rock voice at Virgin Radio, Paola Maugeri in collaboration with MarkEyewear.

The idea was to create eyewear that re-lives the fashion of the Sixties, adapting it to the style of today. The frame is made by skilled artisans in Italy, simplifying the design by eliminating the classic horizontal bridge, and using a flexible arch in harmonic steel, in order to adapt to every type of fit.

The frame with the unmistakable golden color of the Sixties and Seventies, combined with soft pastel colors, make the MyLennons a modern re-adaptation of the glasses worn by one of the most famous rock icons in history.

Eyewear features

Glasses in harmonic steel, 100% Italian artisan product, plaques (nose pads) and temples, all in steel, nickel free, completely made without plastic parts.
CR39 lenses flat base, in the most fashionable colors, soft pastels, particularly suitable even for afternoon and evening use.
The super classic dark green color is available for satisfying even the public who needs a darker pair of lenses.
Model name: MyLennons
Caliber: 47mm
Auction: 140 mm

Who is Paola Maugeri


From Catania with love, she is the reference point of musical television journalism, MTV’s historical face, nicknamed Wikipaola for her musical culture, she has conducted programs on Videomusic, Italia 1, Rai 2 and La 7.

With over 1300 interviews around the world, she has returned the secrets of the greatest rock stars, but also of directors, actors and authors. Every morning on Virgin Radio she hosts “Paola is virgin” a much loved program where she invites her audience to listen to music and to watch the world with virgin eyes, heart and ears.

Passionate about environmental issues and vegan, for over twenty years, she is very popular on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where she tells how you can live, in a conscious way, to the sound of Rock. She was the only Italian testimonial photographed by the most important British director Rankin, for the world campaign “Fishlove” dedicated to the protection of the oceans.

Italian narrative voice of the United Nations International Documentary for the year of the forests “Des forets et des hommes” by award-winning director Yann-Arthus Bertrand, and Ambassador for Italy at the Copenhagen summit for the climate convention.

Passionate about fashion and style, she has signed for Maison Borsalino two collection capsule caps, whose prototypes were made by recycling the cardboard packaging of fruit and vegetables at zero kilometers.

“Rock and Resilience” is her last and fourth book for Mondadori, preceded by “My Zero Impact Life”, “Las Vegans” and “Alla Salute!” She is in love, she is a mother and lives in Milan.